Subscription model consultants to help you evaluate suitability, install a best-in-class subscription model, then maximize it's ROIs

If your company produces any kind of information or educational content valuable to others, you already have the basic seed for a lucrative subscription model. If you have a sizable following to a blog, newsletter or similar, some of your followers would likely pay well for that same information.

Monetizing your intellectual production yields a business model that generates revenue again & again- a preferable option vs. scenarios where each years ever-increasing revenue goals must be pursued from a starting point of zero. Subscriptions also offer a long-term revenue tail as renewal revenues keep pouring in with the passage of time.


Engage Big Innovations talent for sales consulting solutions that blow out your revenue targetsWhere can you get your company's next big thing? Who can help you discover and implement those hot innovations that can make a big difference this year?

Are you seeking new, high quality leads or revenue streams? How about some fresh solutions to harvest increased sales from your existing niche? Does your plan need a few more killer thrusts? Do you have great ideas in need of get-it-done champions? Turnaround solutions? A virtual salesperson? Mobile app? Telemarketing programs that increase marketing ROIs 3-6+ times? How about a new "wow" product or service designed by buyers? Or a smarter website loaded with marketing & sales hooks? We deliver what you want... FAST!

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  • Our Telesales Consulting Solutions Grow Revenues 3 to 6 Times vs. Marketing Alone
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Big Innovations marketing consulting can help you take a much bigger slice of the pie

If you seek funding from investors or bankers, want to maximize your cash out in the next few years, need quick fix solutions, capable horses for projects in search of champions or ways to get a much-improved ROI on your entire team... leveraging a strategic plan is THE crucial move to make NOW.

The value & profitability of your company is not peaked if the business is flying by the seat of its pants or largely ignoring a shelved plan. We can help you develop an impressive playbook that empowers your people so they can contribute their very best toward rapid revenue & profit growth. It is a well-proven, fundamental at unleashing the collective brilliance of all stakeholders.


Big Innovations marketing consulting can help you take a much bigger slice of the pie

BI marketing solutions apply deep, thoroughly-proven talent to help your business grow. We offer up to turnkey services in contributing to any part of your marketing & Emarketing models.

Are you taking advantage of quality market research to drive growth? Are you leaning on marketing alone or are you also using the impressive lift of telesales? Fresh marketing creative? Direct response marketing? Multimedia? Mobile market apps? Tapping into new lead streams & new tactics? Maximizing THE most efficient path to selling your products and services to the whole world? Try our acclaimed services and we will reveal shortcuts to lucrative successes.


Big Innovations business, website, product and software development can turn ideas into lucrative businessesDo you have a great idea or invention that you want to make into a profitable business? The market for concepts alone is not substantial. The key is taking the next step where you turn ideas into something buyers can actually purchase. That move distinguishes entrepreneurs from wishful dreamers. We help bridge that gap best-in-class... saving you money & time by doing it all right.

Our exceptional resources facilitate the smart move from where you are to where you want to be... everything from helping flesh out your concept to developing the marketing & sales model. Need business plan backing? How about marketing creative to pitch your offering(s) in wow ways? Interested in >450M buyers of mobile apps? What about a modernized website that dazzles prospects moving many to buy now?

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