Make 15% Of First-Year Revenue From Any New Clients You Deliver!

Do you know any company decision-makers looking for our kinds of innovative business growth solutions: marketing & Emarketing, sales, development (Internet, product, technology, business) or strategic planning & execution? Do you know any incubating entrepreneurs in their "Now what?" moment: "I want to monetize my great idea or invention, now what?", "I want some new ways to grow my business, now what?", "I need some talent to help me accomplish my goals, now what?", etc.

Revenues From
New Clients
You Refer

Do you know any established businesses in search of their next big thing or make-it-happen horses to knock out an extra project nobody in-house can fit onto their loaded plates? A little corporate matchmaking could result in a lucrative flow of monthly cash right into your pockets. There's no ongoing customer service necessary. We'll even prepare the proposals & attempt to close the deals ourselves. You just make introductions to relevant individuals or companies that appear to need our help in the near term.

For businesses, blog, newsletter, e-zine, Internet publishers and similar, if you have a list of followers which may include some entrepreneurs and/or company decision-makers wanting to grow their businesses, see the simple affiliate opportunity described a little lower on this page. This is a quality NOT volume-based affiliate program, meaning it only takes as little as ONE "buyer"- not millions of clicks- to pay out big. Just one person in your list acting on this could put discreet cash in your hands month after month. Best of all, we do the heavy lifting of trying to make this yield with your following. Simple, easy money.

For individuals, your part is:

  • Develop a good sense of the valuable services we offer (this website is loaded with examples of what we can do),
  • Identify prospective clients who need one or more of those services,
  • Qualify those clients to recognize an apparent need for our services NOW, and
  • Introduce us as a potential solution to their need.

Our part is:

  • Helping you get a good sense of the valuable services we offer,
  • Further qualifying the prospects you bring through a conference call/meeting,

    If we sense there is genuine business potential with them, we'll:
  • Prepare the proposal and/or presentation,
  • Attempt to close the business and then, if closed,
  • Deliver exceptional service to those clients to nurture the relationship.

We pay 15% of revenues received from new accounts for ONE FULL YEAR

Use the following interactive presentation to get a good feel for the simplicity of the program and how we stand ready to help you make the most of this opportunity. When you hover over the image, left & right navigation arrows will appear. Click the right arrow to step forward through the presentation...

affiliate marketing & referral revenue program Quick summary individual referral rewards potentials blog, newsletter, e-zine, email affiliate revenue potentials we'll support your efforts

Simple & Lucrative Affiliate Revenue

For businesses, bloggers, publishers (E-zines, newsletters, netletters, magazines, etc.) and similar looking for simple- even turnkey- affiliate marketing programs to help monetize their efforts, our referral rewards can work for you too. We will strive to make it as easy as possible for you to make great money. For example, we could supply you with some attractive .gif or Flash banner ads, simple text ads, a ghost-written, value-added article or endorsable promotion that you could easily share with your list via your blog, email, newsletter, etc.

This can appear to be a passive form of referral- as if BI is just another advertiser or sponsor. Any new business it drives would qualify. Very simply: you would be bartering some free advertising in exchange for an opportunity to make upwards of 15% of TOTAL first-year revenues we collect from any new clients it delivers. It can be the easiest, big money you'll ever make. As long as we can see a little opportunity with your following, WE'LL DO THE WORK, executing best efforts to make this program handsomely reward you.

Just ONE Click Could do the Trick

We're well aware of how little existing advertising models pay for clicks. Almost all of them revolve around you needing upwards of millions of clicks to get somewhere. Ours is a qualitative affiliate program instead of one based on quantity. You don't need an enormous volume of clicks: just ONE "buyer" from as little as ONE click can result in exciting revenue for you, often averaging into the thousands EACH MONTH. Contact us and we'll come up with the best strategy for making the most of your situation.

For businesses with lists of prospective referrals, the sky's the limit. A high volume of referrals that convert into new clients simply yields high levels of reward revenues. If you have a list of- say- 10K followers to your blog, newsletter or similar and only a tiny 0.1% (one tenth of 1%) of them chose to engage BI as a new client, that conversion would yield 10 qualifying clients. If each engaged BI for an average of- say- $60K to $120K in the first year, your combined referral rewards on all 20 could reach $90K to $180K... for as little as showing a BI-created ad to your database or publishing a BI-created article in an appropriate communication.

If you think your list might yield better than 0.1%, the rewards get much juicier. For example, just 1/10th of a percent in additional conversions (0.2% instead of 0.1%) at those same average engagement levels in the first year could double those rewards numbers. With even bigger lists, tiny conversions like those described in these scenarios could yield substantially greater referral rewards.

If you are trying to find a way to make some good money from all the efforts you put into your blog, newsletter, e-zine or similar, we make it ridiculously easy to find out if this option can work for you. Call or email us and we'll help you determine the best approach, supply the ad(s) and/or article(s) and give it a try. Again, WE'LL DO THE WORK. If your list doesn't yield, no loss whatsoever. If it does, we'll be very happy to send you those checks... hopefully BIG ones.


If we grow the opportunity, your referral reward grows too!

When we get into a company we often uncover opportunities to expand the relationship with additional services for higher fees. If the revenue goes up during that first year your referral reward will also go up (we pay 15% of the TOTAL monthly revenues we are paid even if those revenues increase during the year... and even if you have nothing to do with winning those increases).

Similarly, many of our deals include a residual portion- a commission tied to our deliverables yielding measurable sales growth (learn more about how we are compensated). When our contributions drive sales growth for this type of client the residual kicks in providing residual revenues in addition to our fixed fee. If you introduced this client you get a 15% share of any residual portion paid in that first year too. Most simply: we pay 15% of whatever we earn in the first year from any new client you refer.

Here are some examples to clarify how you get paid...

Scenario 1
You introduce us to a new client and we close a deal for $15K/month fixed retainer. Each time their $15K fee payment clears at our bank we send you a check for $2,250. If the client sticks with us for the entire year (paying a total of $180K over the course of that year) you will have made a total of $27,000 in referral rewards. That's easy money.

Scenario 2
You introduce us to a couple of new clients who need modest projects done for them. We work with them to frame the projects and conclude that the total project costs for client A is $8,000, client B is $18,000 and client C is $42,000. If all 3 clients engage BI and pay for their respective projects in full, your 15% cut of those project fees would total $10,200. If any one of them individually engages BI and pays for their project in full, your cut for a client A project would be $1,200, a client B project would be $2,700 and a client C project would be $6,300 respectively. Even modest referrals like these can pay.

Scenario 3
You introduce us to a new client and we close a 1-year deal for $25K/month plus 10% of net sales growth. Our work yields $8,000,000 in net sales growth during that first year. The fixed portion of the engagement (25K * 12) should yield $300K in applicable revenues. The residual portion should yield an additional $800K (10% of $8M). Assuming all $1.1M is collected and cleared you would make $165,000 over the course of that year. You could pocket $165K for as little as just making the right introduction up front! And we would be happy to send you that money.

Scenario 4
You introduce us to a new client and we close a deal for $20K/month. Over the course of the first 3 months we notice additional opportunities for the client where we could add value. We pitch those additional services and close additional business. Our new retainer goes to $35K/month for the remaining 9 months. Total revenue potential is 3 * $20K (or $60K) plus 9 * $35K (or $315K). If all $375K is collected in the first year your 15% cut would amount to $56,250.

Our affiliate referral program can pay very well for each new client you refer.Notice in all of these scenarios that your work is largely done after the client is closed. There's nothing more for you to do but wait for- and then enjoy- the checks. In a situation where our collected fees increase because we grow the account during that first year, we will still happily pay 15% of whatever we collect in that year from any new client you refer. In an extreme scenario, if a referred client account grows so that we collect $100M in total fees during that year, we will have sent you your referral rewards checks totaling $15M for introducing us to such a lucrative client. Win:win.

The Best Scenario
Bring us a new client on a regular basis and build yourself a terrific commission income stream without much further responsibility. For example, if you would like to make $100K in extra income this year, you could get that by referring just two $28K/month clients or 3 referrals at about $19K/month. Could you introduce us to 1-3 companies each year that need growth-oriented services?

An individual could make a good living with simple, corporate matchmaking for Big Innovations. Estimate what you would like to make, divide by 0.15 and the result illustrates the target new BI referred revenues needed to achieve those rewards. Our project fees can range from just a few thousand to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our retainer fees also widely vary based upon how much we are tasked with doing for each client. Bigger projects yield bigger billings and higher referral rewards. If you know a company(s) that needs any of our kinds of services, refer BI and see what happens. We would love to send you big referral rewards checks.

Ten Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the following FAQs about the program can be revealed by clicking the "+" symbol to the right of each question. After reviewing the answer you can click the same area again to close it.

Q: Who is the right kind of person or business for sourcing these referrals? []

A: Anyone who can either reach the decision-makers in companies needing our services or who already has existing business relationships with senior decision-makers at companies needing our services. The primary challenge is getting to the right person(s) and making an introduction. The right person(s) are those that have decision-making and budget authority to engage outside talent to help grow their business. After you make the introduction we are quite capable at further qualifying the prospect, developing the proposal and/or presentation and closing the business.

Capitalized entrepreneurs with a good idea for a business but facing the "Now what?" moment of how to go about monetizing their concept are also excellent candidates for our services. We can be their (deep) team to lend expertise in getting their business assembled, launched and rapidly grown. If modestly capitalized entrepreneurs are looking for funding sources (bankers, investors, partners, etc.) they will have a much better chance by being able to present their business backed by such a capable TEAM rather than trying to sell the banker or investor on giving a lone individual the money. We can be entire virtual office departments for startups: marketing (department), sales, development and strategic team(s).

If you happen to have a list of customers or a network of relevant contacts with which you occasionally communicate (perhaps by blog, newsletter, email, etc), we could work with you to facilitate the introduction. For example, we could create ads or sponsorship banners as if we are an advertiser. We could also write or ghost write business growth content for your newsletter or blog with a few links pointing readers to BI for more information. If some of your followers click through and then engage BI, it would qualify within our referral rewards program.

If you are wanting to engage BI to help grow your business but your own budget is tight, consider using this program to create the money to cover BI service fees. A few quality referrals can yield enough rewards cash to completely cover our costs or even yield a surplus. Imagine a scenario in which WE are paying YOU (that surplus) to work for your company! We would be happy to do so.

Q: How hard is it to find & close a new client? []

A: Not hard at all. Most of our services revolve around helping companies grow. Pretty much all companies want to grow. We have developed our skills and services to very high levels so that we could enter virtually any environment and make a positive difference in bottom-line results. The biggest driver of success is in the business matchmaking function- bringing the right people and us together when it is opportune for both parties.

Q: How can I learn more about the services you offer? []

A: This website is a great place to start. We've attempted to paint our areas of core competencies in broad strokes. You might also take a look at our narrated, interactive, Adobe Flash presentation. If you decide to give this a go we can meet with you and answer all of your questions to help you better understand our value proposition. You can review a selection of our recent accomplishments to get a good feel for the quality we bring to everything we do. Our objective is to give you all you need to very efficiently target the right companies and get deals closed. That's how you (and we) get paid.

Q: How often do you pay the commission? []

A: We pay when the revenues are received and fully cleared at the bank. Typically, this is monthly.

Q: If I brought you a new client what's the soonest I would get my first commission check? []

A: Typically, we sell our services with a prepaid monthly retainer which means we collect our fee for the month of services that follow. So, assuming your referral is typical they would pay our first fee on engagement (when they sign the contract). We would deposit the check immediately. As soon as it fully clears our bank we send you your first commission check.

Q: Has anyone been successful with this program? []

A: Yes, we've had several good successes. For example, one guy just made a few phone calls to some decision makers he knew. Within days we met with one of his prospects. Just a few days later they signed with us at $15K per month. He is paid $2,250 each month for making a few phone calls and setting up one introduction. Assuming the client honors their agreement through the balance of the year he'll make a total of $27K for a few minutes effort on his part. Many people have to work a full-time job for an entire year to make $27K. His cumulative "work" probably totaled- at most- 60 minutes. How would a $27K-per-hour "job" sound to you? We're happy to pay it.

Others have introduced us for project solutions (develop or modernize a website, new product development, business plan development, etc) and we happily sent them their 15% cuts of each project fee too. Success with this is mostly matching our capabilities to current needs. A successful match is win:win:win for everyone involved.

Q: What if the client I refer is slow to pay? []

A: Slow-paying accounts will delay referral reward payments to you until the money is received and cleared. However, we only do retainers on a pre-pay basis (so that we don't have to be in the collection business). When the retainer is not received for the next month's work by the due date we cease services to the company until payment is made. Since most of our work is directly associated with growing results for companies, they don't want our work to stop so slow payment is an atypical problem. However should it occur, we would alert you to the situation.

Q: If you retain the client after one year what happens? []

A: After one year, the account becomes a house account and is no longer commissionable. The best way to keep referral cash flowing is to bring us at least one new client each year. Of course, bring us 2+ new clients each year and you make even more.

Q: Could I do this for a living? And if so, would it be a 1099 contract relationship or would I become a commissioned employee of Big Innovations, LLC? []

A: An individual with a good network of decision-makers could probably make a pretty nice living by leveraging those relationships with this arrangement. It mostly comes down to business matchmaking. Review the table up towards the top of this page to get a feel for the relationship between referred revenues and referral rewards. For example, if you wanted this program to reward you with $30K, you would be aiming for one or more referrals that engage and pay BI a total of $200K over the course of a year. Want to make $60K in referral rewards? Aim for referrals that tally $400K in revenues.

If you want to target some referral reward amount not in the table, divide your target amount by 0.15 to calculate the revenue target. For example, if you want to make $100K from this program, $100,000/0.15 = $666,667. A $200K target would be $200,000/0.15 = $1,333,334.

The relationship between you and Big Innovations would be a straight outsourced contract position: 1099. Structurally, you would be a completely independent contractor- NOT an employee of Big Innovations, LLC. Review a sample agreement (193K PDF file) to better understand the nature of the relationship. If you have a business identity already set up, we can issue the check(s) payable to your business if desired.

Q: Do you take any client contracts on a pure commission basis or for only stock or stock options? []

A: While we would consider any arrangement for the right opportunity there are plenty of companies who want high-caliber professional services on a pure commission basis. Similarly, there are many companies who want to use stock as if it is cash... which typically means they can't sell the stock for cash (so almost all of the potential value in owning that stock is in the future). Note also that if we did accept some kind of deferred (cash) payment there would be no current revenue on which to base your commission as referrer.

In all cases, BI will consider creative compensation options though we have not yet accepted a scenario in which we share in all of the risk in exchange for only a portion of the upside gain. Our work often requires huge investments of our time & energy. In some cases a variety of tasks must be accomplished before they can be used to reap rewards for our clients. And best-in-class consultant and subcontractor talent must be paid; they are rarely interested in being compensated solely in potential. As a result, our preferred arrangements are either pure fixed fee or (a smaller) fixed fee plus residual, paid on a monthly or biweekly basis. Learn more about our typical compensation arrangements. These preferred methods would get you rewarded sooner for making the referral as well.

That said, we are certainly interested in pay-for-performance arrangements in which commissions, stock, stock options or similar can function as variable upside incentive(s)... as long as such arrangements are genuinely win:win.

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