Big Innovations (BI) was formed for your business development needs. Our proven approaches were created and polished developing new revenue streams, new lead streams, new products & services, subscription models, etc, for our clients and former employers. The biggest concepts can yield entirely new business thrusts applying the best of your company in some new and lucrative way. Our collaborative business development services can help meet your grandest objectives, delight the stakeholders and/or overcome strategic challenges.

Use our capable team to help you turn your idea into a profitable businessOur biz dev consulting services can be grouped into 4 main areas of expertise:

  1. New markets,
  2. New strategic thrusts,
  3. Strategic alliances, and
  4. Strategic acquisitions.

We can work very closely with you and your team or up to autonomously as desired... whatever makes the most sense for what you are wanting to accomplish. If your team needs a fresh infusion of creativity and enthusiasm we'll bring both (which can help reinvigorate their brilliance and contributions). If you have some project to execute but everyone's plates are full, toss it to BI and we'll get it done on time and at budget... in our usual (wow!) way.

Our collective brilliance process can play a key role in uncovering the next big thing. It can yield the actionable concepts that closely align with your company's strengths and capabilities. As little as one great idea can help you accelerate profit growth, improve your competitive position in the marketplace and/or open new channels of scalable opportunity for your company. The 3-dimensional analysis conducted in the collective brilliance model can show you the way to greater success. We can help you get there.

If you feel the need to spread your wings beyond your classic markets you probably want some resourceful professionals with experience finding good pools of interested prospects and coming up with the best ways to motivate them to buy now. Our team has deep experience applying a variety of approaches to sourcing new customer flows and using cutting-edge tactics in moving them to action. New markets is often a complicated, time-consuming strategic thrust. If your usual goto people are already at capacity put us to work on this highest potential project.

Use our capable team to help you turn your idea into a profitable businessBI can develop or help you formulate a complete plan detailing exactly how to get from here to your bigger, better future. A BI plan is thoroughly detailed with actionable tactics spelled out so that all stakeholders can grasp exactly what you want to do and exactly how you want it done. Such plans are fundamental at turning great ideas into big cash flows. They are a requirement if you are going to be seeking any kind of banker or investor financing... or if you want to work toward selling the business at a good multiple. Exceptional plans maximize your human resources increasing revenue-per-employee by fully capitalizing on your most valuable asset.

We are not consultants who are finished when the ideas are delivered; instead, we can work with you all the way through the development cycle, implementation and beyond. We can operate at a high or low level (strategic and/or tactical) to help your company detail and implement each new thrust, then execute them to profitable fruition.

If the situation warrants it we can add great value helping you forge strategic relationships in terms of alliance partners and acquisition candidates. We can work a deal from start to finish including the critical step of how the partner or acquired company will integrate with your own business processes and team. The right strategic alliances, affiliates or acquisitions can play a big role in helping you achieve record revenues & profits.

Our company is driven to innovate the big concepts that can help businesses grow in entirely new directions. Invite our team to better understand your business and we can help you discover your next big thing.

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