Saying you want to grow sales is easy. Adjusting the numbers upwards from last year's tallies is also easy. Write down that new (higher) number. Then add a percentage on top of it and call the second number the stretch goal. Link sales & company bonuses to both of those numbers. All that is very easy to do.

The trick then becomes how to actually make it happen. While there's often some opportunities for organic growth, the goals that we set (or are thrust upon us) are usually above those levels. You may be able to make it anyway but the better option is to diversify your risk. Engaging some extra expertise- particularly our kind of expertise- can maximize your chances of meeting, beating, even thrashing your numbers. Company bonuses, parties and promotions for a job well done follow.

What Business Growth-Minded Prospects Are Usually Seeking From Our Sales Model Experts

The typical scenarios that motivate prospective clients to approach Big Innovations (BI) for sales consulting are:

  1. Sales are trending upwards and they want some help pushing the accelerator: new lead sources, new revenue streams, enhanced products, website development, marketing promotions and/or new tactics, telemarketing lift, sales support, fresh advertising, better business plan, subscription model evaluation, team skills development or just capable, professional horses to execute the overflow projects that can't fit onto anyone's plates.
  2. Sales are trending downwards, they've tried what they can think of to turn them around and are seeking fresh points of view and new, actionable solutions.
  3. They've heard about some of the good things we've done for other clients and are wanting our expertise to help their business too.

In any scenario, we bring tremendous value in our objectivity, yielding a capability to see your business opportunities and problems with a clarity that can't be matched from the insider point of view. We also bring enthusiasm, experience, professionalism, best practices knowledge and proven solutions to help with whatever you are trying to accomplish. Several of our founding partners had lengthy stints in our careers setting all-time records as sales professionals and sales managers at a diverse mix of companies in a variety of industries. Many fundamental professional sales principles, tactics and model elements apply to virtually any situation. On engagement, we step in, quickly evaluate the situation end-to-end, then recommend & implement solutions to fire up revenue growth.

An Objective & Complete View is Key To Maximizing Sales At Your Company

Our deep experience in the other growth disciplines- marketing & Emarketing, development (new product, website, business) and strategic planning & execution- offers your company a unique advantage in engaging a team that can take a look at the whole picture that impacts sales results. Often sales consultants are one dimensional meaning they may indeed have good sales profession backgrounds but that's ALL they are able to draw upon. Not all issues or opportunities related to revenue growth are centered solely in your sales department. The ability to look at your entire sales model end-to-end adds value to the BI proposition. We can see your opportunities inside the department as well as the external feeder influences that fuel- or limit- revenue growth. This complete view is a strategic advantage over our competitors... a way for you to get the extras that may contribute most to the ultimate resolutions.

In trying times for example, companies often jump to a wrong conclusion that salespeople just lose their ability to sell: "Our sales are down and it's their fault." Skilled professionals do not lose their skills overnight; a negative revenue trend is almost always something other than sales professionals suddenly losing their ability to sell. BI has the seasoned experience to see beyond the blame game & politics so that we can correctly frame the problem or opportunity... the crucial first step in divining correct solutions.

Use our objective ears to thorughly listen to your team & customers, so that our actionable recommendations can help you grow your revenues to record levelsIf a company gives into blame game politics they may fire salespeople, replace them with new ones and find that sales don't change (they may even get worse after experienced people were shown the door and rookies try to replace them). This cycle can repeat several times until either the real cause of the problem has the time to somewhat nullify itself, the company shifts the blame game to some other department or the sales turnover confirms it really was salespeople quitting their function (but not their jobs).

One of the most important things that objective outsiders can do is draw good intelligence right out of the front lines: the salespeople themselves. Often, we find a treasure trove of great ways to grow company sales by simply listening to them individually and as a group. There is usually a number of minds within the sales team that hold several great ideas which- for one reason or another- have been kept to themselves. What are some of those reasons?

  • Fear.
  • Political forces.
  • Concern about going against the company spin.
  • Some manager once slapped them down (or stole credit for their idea) and they've since kept great follow ups to themselves.
  • Etc. (there are many)

As outsiders, we are no threat to these people or their careers. This seems to feed into their willingness to share their brilliance. Sometimes a whole, great idea comes from one or more of them and sometimes we stitch together a complete recommendation from pieces of a great concept contributed by several of them. The point is that we can apply our expertise to getting the obstacles and opportunities straight from those most in the know about such matters. BI can observe and hear things differently than company insiders.

Complete an Objective Evaluation With Customer & Competitor Analysis

It is also valuable to validate the #1 feeder by going to the source of revenues. We often recommend market research in both the customer and competitor dimensions. From customers, we can directly learn invaluable insights into their end of the transactional equation: value proposition, pricing, landscape influences, etc (there are many). This reveals why they are or are not buying, what else they want from your company, what they would pay for those other things, etc. (the complete list can be quite lengthy).

From competitor analysis we can identify changes in the marketplace, tactical shifts your competitors are using to take share from you, uniform currents that your company is fighting against (rather than going with the proven flow) and so on (again, there's many more). Have your competitors made some change to how they are are positioning themselves against your business? Do they have some new tactics that appear to be working well for their sales? Are they using product or service innovations you could replicate if you knew which ones mattered in buyer decisions? Etc. We can get all that marketplace intelligence for you.

Among the many benefits a solid research model can provide is an ability to identify quality new lead streams and new revenue sources. We often use the metaphor of fishing in relation to our actionable recommendations for growing company sales. If the lake is largely fished out, firing & hiring new fishermen, changing the bait, increasing the number of lines that are cast, etc, will NOT result in more fish being caught. Sometimes sales growth requires shifting good fishermen to new ponds stocked with fresh fish. Often a company wanting to grow will indeed over-fish their established ponds then find fault with their sales team for not continuing to catch new fish anyway. The metaphor is a good one in that it can help companies think beyond how many lines they have in the same old ponds so that they get aggressive about (also) finding some new ponds. We can help you do this... well!

Big Innovations can bring sales solutions to your company in many ways. These can be fundamental- like increasing revenue-per-salesperson- or organizational- like bringing attention to how changes elsewhere in the overall sales model are affecting the efficiency of your sales process. Our objectivity... our ability to cut through the company spin... our experience in all of the growth-side functions of business... gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the stellar solutions you seek ASAP. Contact us for a free consultation. We would love to help you grow your revenues to record levels!

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