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There are many channels through which to promote your product or service: print, Internet, TV, radio, mobile, social, word of mouth, B2B, etc. Multimedia marketing solutions capitalize on a variety of benefits across the classic channels.

Thinking Beyond Print, Radio and Video Advertising Medium Mainstays

Utilize more than just traditional advertising mediums

Advertising in print mediums has been an effective way to sell products or services to buyers for hundreds of years (Benjamin Franklin was considered an early pioneer though even he was not the first). The main limitation of print marketing is that it uses only copy & imagery (words and pictures) to try to motivate prospect action. That was about the best they could do in Franklin's time but messaging vehicles have considerably progressed since then. Nevertheless, the vast majority of 21st-century websites still pitch their business offerings on an electronic page using only text and images. Think about how products are pitched on your own website: are you still clinging to limited print marketing approaches as your main- perhaps only- way to sell your offerings?

Print marketing was THE primary way to market products & services for a very long time. Then along came radio. Radio added a powerful dimension to product pitches by tickling prospect brains through a different sense: their ears. Great written copy could be spoken capitalizing on the power of the extra punch of emotion, inflection and so on- something that print marketing alone could never match. It's one thing to read good copy and another to hear the same message laid out by an enthusiastic professional salesperson. The very same words could take on new meaning, have enhanced impact and so on. As a result, radio became another great way to sell products & services.

Movie theaters & television evolved the opportunity to sell by stimulating another sense- our eyes- with imagery, animation, video and so on. Radio's biggest limitation- requiring the prospect to imagine the imagery- could be overcome by actually showing an intended scene(s) in support of each selling proposition. If a picture is worth a 1000 words- and it is- a moving picture can convey volumes of print or radio marketing in as little as a 30-second advertising spot. Once again, marketers had a new, even more capable tool to help promote a product or service. TV became the premier way to sell the masses for many decades and it continues to dominate when the objective is to sell via passive channels.

The Fundamental Weakness of Advertising Mediums like Print, Radio & Television

However, all of these passive mediums have one standout shortcoming in that they offer limited capability to objectively measure their impact in absolute terms. Companies always wonder exactly how much that new TV, radio or print ad actually contributed to sales... and does it justify spending more money on that medium? While there were some subjective ways on which to gauge impact (and the revenues for a couple of generations of advertising firms flourished in the ambiguity), concrete objectivity is rare in the passive advertising channels. The model has generally been to try a new marketing firm, campaign, etc; if sales seem to improve thereafter, continue with the firm, campaign, etc. Was it the firm or was it a multitude of other factors? Generally there was no pure way to know for sure.

The arrival of the Internet made practically every online ad objectively measurable. Why is that so important? When marketing impacts are measurable you can evolve the quality of your marketing based on scientific evaluation of effectiveness. Poor performing ads can be jettisoned while new ones compete head-to-head with proven "control" pieces- a true survival-of-the-fittest mechanism to make marketing departments and advertising firms genuinely earn their fees. More importantly, it offers a scientific approach to adapting your messaging towards perfection- a big key to maximizing sales.

With all this power… with over a century of evolved marketing channel knowledge… what did companies do to sell their wares via Internet? The vast majority reverted to the old form, resuscitating the same old print marketing approaches online. In websites and email, most Internet companies choose to limit themselves to copy and still imagery on a page much like Montgomery Ward, Hammacher Schlemmer, T. Eaton Co. Limited and Sears, Roebuck & Company were doing in their catalog businesses well over a century ago. No video. No audio. Just text and pictures. Ben Franklin had no choice beyond print marketing tactics. Modern companies have an enormous range of marketing options. Yet, as the Ecommerce capabilities of the Internet approach their 20th anniversary, most companies are still locked into that same, tired & limited approach.

Cinema and television proved that when the marketer can work in visual mediums their ability to showcase products is significantly enhanced. The visual arts toolbox makes it possible to really show off your product and tell the viewer why they must have it in ways that e-ink on an electronic page can never match. Applying this to your Internet channel adds benefits like not being limited to 15, 30 or 60-second spot; you can take as much time as needed to professionally pitch your offering(s) to the fullest.

Our team is expert at helping companies capitalize on Internet multimedia marketing. We can help you fully utilize cutting-edge, 21st-century promotional opportunities rather than clinging to stuff Franklin was doing hundreds of years ago. It's easy to test your way into multimedia marketing and let the results speak for themselves.

Expanding Your Reach With Multimedia Marketing

There are many added benefits. For example, if you want to sell to a global audience, a visually-dominated presentation can be easily repurposed for other languages much like the same television commercials you've seen at home also running abroad with the audio track redone in native tongues. If you currently market in English, your total market size based on those who consider English their native language is estimated at about 450 million people. In contrast, those who consider Spanish their native language represent a market at about the same size (are you pitching that equally large market too?). Those who consider Mandarin their native language represents a massive market of about 850 million (are you pitching that nearly 2X larger market too?). Etc.

Think globally when considering your universe of prospective buyers

The WORLD wide web is fundamentally capable of helping you cost-effectively overcome language barriers to selling customers beyond your classic borders. All you have to do is take advantage of available opportunities. If you currently target about 450 million english-speaking natives on a planet with about 7 billion people, you are currently limiting your marketing to about 6.4% of the whole. What would upping that to 12%-20% or more mean to your revenues? We could help you do that. One wow visual presentation of your product or service can be cleverly constructed for this kind of multi-market, multi-lingual purpose. Adapt the script for multiple languages and you get a great deal of impact from much of the same visual creative- a powerful way to penetrate vast new markets outside your traditional base.

For the email marketer, we can almost guarantee that your target market is long since tired of getting the regular dose of text & image-heavy email promotions you send them. Even if you are great at keeping that approach as varied as possible, eventually they come to recognize the scope of your style directing many of those messages to the trash before even giving them much of a read. The relative novelty of being invited to watch a multimedia presentation is much different than the "same old, same old" HTML email you send them. We help clients package sales pitches inside value-added educational presentations so that your prospects are motivated to watch & listen… and be sold. Using a variety of communication mediums has always been a powerful way to sell more product and services. Our Internet multimedia consultants can help you make your next email campaign perform much better.

In short, Internet multimedia marketing is simply more interesting to buyers... more like a catered, professional sales presentation as opposed to a canned, copy-heavy ad. In some ways, it's even better than a live salesperson in that it will be the consistent, quality, highly-polished, enthusiastic pitch every time... day after day, 7 days a week. It needs no vacations, sick days, expense accounts or salary. It just works for you and is capable of jumping language to language- and thus global market to market- as desired.

The Non-Linear Advantage: Let Your Prospects Explore Your Offerings On Their Terms

Multimedia Emarketing offers one other major advantage over all of the traditional mediums: non-linear message flow. Every print, TV or radio ad you see or hear always flows from start to finish in the same (linear) way for every prospect. The pitch can't stray from a set order of information flow regardless of audience. On the other hand, a professional salesperson's pitch is non-linear, adapting to interplay between prospect and seller. If you're watching an infomercial and something about the pitch gives you a sales objection, the infomercial ignores your objection because it is limited to a pre-planned, one-to-many, linear presentation flow. A live salesperson would detect your objection, overcome it and then cater the presentation to you so that you continue moving toward the close.

Multimedia marketing can incorporate this interactivity, facilitating a similar kind of non-linear message flow. This makes it easy- even encouraged- for prospects to direct the presentation watching & listening to perfectly polished sales information on their own terms. We can construct these promotions so that they can branch much like a live salesperson presentation will branch based on prospect input. This benefit is a particularly powerful advantage over the classic mediums evolving the "canned" marketing proposition closer to a live, interactive experience than ever before.

As a result of all of these benefits and more we often advise clients seeking fresh, promotional creative to develop (or let us develop) rich media marketing in conjunction with classic marketing approaches they are already using. It's a terrific way to show your prospects something tangibly different and it's easy to objectively measure the enhanced ROIs and/or test your way into using this medium on a wider scale. If you are looking for a new, proven way to do some fresh marketing this is a great way to go. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

Developing A Productive Multimedia Sales Presentation

Creating the ideal presentation for your business involves a process that attempts to narrowly focus on a target audience (usually prospective buyers) then casting a wide net (appealing to as many of those buyers as possible). We strive to achieve the intended objective of the presentation (which is usually to sell something). Big Innovations typically collaborates with marketing and sales teams within a company to gather important, fundamental information as a basis on which to develop an impressive incarnation of one of these promotions for a client. Here's a sampling of some core framing concepts:

  • Who is the intended viewer(s) of the presentation? Specifics help us narrow the target toward those most likely to act/buy.
  • What are we trying to promote? Again specifics help keep an ideal focus on the main objective of the presentation.
  • What is the most important thing(s) we are trying to convey?
  • How can we structure the presentation with value-added elements to motivate more prospects to be engaged?
  • What specific action(s) do we want the prospect to take?
  • Should there be one call to action (probably near the end) or several calls to action throughout the presentation?
  • Narration track options- do you want the narration to be only in your native language or are alternate languages desired?
  • Etc. (there are many more. We share the above sampling to give you a feel for some of the first step pursuits.)

If you don't know the answers to some of the above, no problem: we can help you get the right answers. For example, if you are just starting a business you may not know much about your target market at all. We can help you apply fundamental marketing to nail down such details... or do that important work for you.

Typical Tangible Elements In Constructing a Lucrative Multimedia Presentation

Big Innovations can produce & direct an impressive multimedia presentation

In many ways, the process to put a best-in-class message together is not significantly different than assembling traditional marketing creative. This can be done very collaboratively (heavily involving your team) or autonomously (engaging BI to do it all almost entirely on our own). A sampling of the more tangible elements include:

  • A collaborative brainstorming session(s) aimed at fleshing out the best presentation outline.
  • Narration scripting- attempting to develop a very strong, on-point script that maximizes the impact of the medium.
  • Audio (narration) recording at the highest possible quality (so that the end result exhibits professional polish).
  • Gather any desired imagery, video & audio such as company logos, photos, musical passages, background music, sound effects, etc. Enhance them with digital processing if they are not excellent as is.
  • Determining if this will be a linear flow (prospect watches from beginning to end) or interactive (prospect is given options to jump around to segments as desired).
  • Visual story board- the visual creative they see in support of the scripted narration.
  • Audio editing & polishing- processing the audio (recorded narration & sound effects) to maximize resulting sound quality.
  • Visual & animation effects- any special visual effects to increase impact.
  • Accessory creation (brochure to download? Vcard? Website or email ads that link to the presentation? Etc.).
  • Etc. (the entire list is quite long)

Executing the complete list at a high level of quality is fundamental to putting one of these together in a best-in-class way. You want greatness because that's what it takes to maximize your ROI potentials.

Big Innovations can create a very strong presentation(s) that can perform for your business 24:7 for many years to come. We can work in close collaboration with your internal talent or develop these nearly turnkey. If you would like to stand out from the crowd and/or pitch your offerings to massive markets beyond those that speak only your native language, enticing your audience(s) with something well beyond Ben Franklin's eighteenth century limitations is an excellent, cost-effective solution with very long-term legs. We've pioneered many forms of online multimedia marketing from the earliest days of businesses trying to use the Internet to make money. We could help you test your way into this form of cutting-edge marketing so that the wow results can justify investing more of your marketing budget on objectively measurable, multimedia marketing. Contact us with any questions or for a free consultation.

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