Subscription and membership models can be the ultimate profit-generating solution for companies that produce almost any kind of information deliverable. Any concepts that are best conveyed over a span of time via print publishing, e-publishing, audio, video, webcast, etc, are excellent kernels to grow into a new revenue stream. Education. Investment advice. Newsletters. Podcasts. How-to guides. Customer support. Vodcasts. Health information. Recipes. Stock, futures, options, mutual funds, commodity, etc, trading recommendations. Specialized blog. Comic books. Magazines. Technical niches. Etc. Virtually anything that people might pay to read, hear, watch, learn, etc. can be ideally-suited to be packaged and sold for an almost unlimited stream of recurring revenues.Lucrative subscription models are remarkable, ongoing revenue generators. Let us help you build a great model... one that can reward your company for many years to come

The big benefit is the obvious one. If you currently have a revenue model that resets to zero (sales) at the start of each year, you face the daunting task of replacing last year's numbers with this years PLUS growth... starting from scratch! You have to replace all those customers won last year with new ones to be found this year and the targets are always higher though the selling resources tend to remain close to the same.

A subscription model sells existing customers again and again. The seller must jump through similarly-challenging hoops to win the very first sale but sale number 2+ (the renewals) is often much simpler yet just as fruitful. Consider this in 2 examples:

  1. Think about a landlord:renter relationship as an illustrative proxy of a subscription relationship. The landlord may have to spend money on ads to attract a renter then put some labor into showing them the product up front (not too different than the kinds of tasks conducted in a non-subscription business model to sell a brand new customer). However, once that renter "subscribes" the landlord will have to do next-to-nothing to get paid just as much in month 2, month 3, month 4 and so on. Cost of renewals are generally far below cost of acquisition making follow up subscriber transactions tremendously lucrative compared to having to replace each customer transaction with a completely new customer transaction.
  2. In annual timetables it's even more exciting. Your auto insurance can be another familiar & illustrative proxy of a subscription relationship. Once every 6-12 months, all they have to do is send you a piece of paper (the bill) and you probably pay it time after time- perhaps for many years until you decide to shop anew for auto insurance. You had some cost to them when they first acquired you as a customer (some portion of their advertising, some costs of setting up a new account in their systems, some processing to produce your policy, etc.). However, on subscription renewals you probably actually paid more each year and all they had to do was send you a renewal notice. The second transaction had less cost (they didn't have to acquire you as a brand new customer again) yet yielded a bigger, probably-more-profitable sale. This can repeat for several years growing revenue-per-subscriber without having to actually absorb cost of acquisition into any transaction after the first one.

Developing or Enhancing a Subscription Business Model

Our team has decades of experience working in some of the most lucrative subscription models on earth. We've battled fierce competition while mastering nitty-gritty nuances of what works & what doesn't. We've pioneered breakthroughs to rapidly grow membership and subscriber models while dazzling customers & forging long-term loyalty. Our latest "from scratch" subscription model installation has already become the most profitable division of our client's company (they didn't even have a subscription model before this one). We are masters at helping companies turn information products into extremely lucrative online and/or print subscription businesses.

If you already have a subscription model we can make it stronger. Let us take a look and we can show you ways to make it yield record results. Our quick diagnostic processes can reveal opportunities for improvement. And we're always ready to roll up our sleeves and turn our recommendations into reality. Every model we've ever examined has always had ample room for tangible gains. Our caliber of actionable recommendations can significantly add to your bottom line. We'd love to show you that money!

If you aren't capitalizing on subscription or membership revenue streams now, we can design a thoroughly optimized model from scratch catering to the unique needs of your business. This can be a turnkey service or we can teach inside resources how to do it all right. Or we could help you source a relevant acquisition candidate with an established subscription model on which you could build. Our expertise has been honed by engagements in every phase of subscription models. For example, we can:

  • write the sharpest business plan to maximize the agility, understanding, communications and execution of your team so that everything gets done best-in-class, on time & on budget. If you are wanting to attract investors for startup capital, a great business plan is an absolute must.
  • manage all new product development or repackage existing materials you produce into a highly desirable product and brand.
  • create all of the related web pages (or a complete Ecommerce website) to help lure in prospects wanting to subscribe and move more existing members to stay and renew.
  • help you take advantage of the massive & rapidly growing mobile app market (hundreds of millions of buyers) so you can sell & deliver subscriptions to your product or service via Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Google Android devices, HP osWeb, Microsoft Windows Phone and others. We offer up to turnkey services: 1) fleshing out your app concept, 2) recommending & managing the programmers and 3) doing all of the pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing to fuel success.
  • source the various technologies- many off the shelf- to make it as easy as possible to manage your subscriber database and capitalize on many ancillary benefits therein.
  • produce all of the marketing & sales creative: copywriting, layout, advertising, multimedia, direct mail, web marketing, email marketing, sales support brochures, trade show flyers, etc.
  • execute up to all of the marketing functions or assist your own team in utilizing the most proven, highest ROI tactics in optimal ways.
  • apply marketing science via statistical sampling to cost-efficiently break into new markets and make the most of current prospect pools. Crucial among these is identifying low-cost sources of relevant leads and best practices to woo them into your offerings.
  • use objective information to help you make optimal decisions about how you utilize your marketing budget.
  • structure the smartest, most cost-effective approaches for each campaign and orchestrate the new acquisition, cross sell & up-sell, renewal and loyalty programs to maximize your success.

In short, we can do it all… best-in-class, best-of-breed subscription model solutions. Let us build a massively successful, recurring revenue stream for your company! If you see even the slightest opportunity for something you offer to be repackaged as a subscription product contact us for a free consultation.

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