Collective Brilliance (hereafter CB) can give your business the crucial information for uncovering the next big thing(s) and/or taking it to market in the most profitable way. It is a highly-refined process of strategic marketing analysis that thoroughly examines your business in 3 dimensions. In short, CB cultivates brilliance: the genius sometimes hidden or suppressed within your team, the first-hand intelligence directly from your customers and the "best of" breakthroughs being realized by your competitors. We seek, harvest, process & summarize all of that to help your business efficiently grow beyond your best expectations.

CB blends creative, customer-centric innovations with scientific support to maximize the chances of a transforming success while minimizing the risk of sailing over the edge. It is an effective form of specialized crowdsourcing in which you tap into the minds of the more relevant players for your business (your customers & prospects, competitors and employees) to focus and capitalize upon their brilliance as a group. Very simply: you leverage the collective brainpower of the many instead of hoping to achieve the same breadth & quality of growth-driving innovations by leaning on the few.

If you are in search of your own 'next big thing' (and need to get it right & SOON)... if you need to improve revenues & profits... if you need to become more relevant to prospects & buyers... you have 2 choices: 1) keep trying to best-guess your way forward, or 2) invest in some objective research to light the way. CB is the very best incarnation of the latter; it is an excellent, proactive catalyst for rapid business growth. Our deep experience can help you do it all right.

Why Your Business Needs Quality Market Research & Analysis

Collective Brilliance research can help you narrowly define an ideal target market(s)

Your company needs CB if you want to:

Essentially, anything that involves change, new thrusts and growth ambitions can benefit from the application of Collective Brilliance. We help you focus the analysis and ask CB to show you the smarter way. It is the VERY BEST solution to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

What is Collective Brilliance Marketing Research?

In simplest terms, Collective Brilliance represents the effective work of very thorough market analysis. The Big Innovations team can expertly help you apply CB to your own situation or offer up to a turnkey solution. As we harvest the learnings, we use them to divine the next big thing(s) and/or validate or refute speculative guesses or gut beliefs already on hand. The innovations that follow can be among the most lucrative opportunities to grow your business backed by the tangible & objective evidence of the analysis. It is a cost-effective approach that aims for the biggest bang with the least possible risk. We believe it represents THE best path to the next market-shaking breakthrough at any company.

Our collective brilliance model draws best of ideas from all 3 sources: customer, competitors and company. Use it to grow your business to record revenuesThe process can yield new strategic opportunities, new lead sources, new product and service designs, new sales methods, new customer channels, etc. It may show you one big opportunity or a collection of smaller ones. If you think you might already have the next big thing, you can use CB to objectively check your assumptions. What's important is that it greatly expands your view by incorporating quantitative and qualitative information sourced directly from those beyond you and your executive team. It makes you and that team smarter by more fully leveraging the collective intelligence available to you.

The all-too-common alternative is sometimes a company tunnel vision as inferred in this popular quotation: "We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.” If the big ideas recently brainstormed at your company sound as limited in vision as that frog in the well, use CB to expand your vision. Let your buyers, competitors and those closer to your customers help you develop your next big thing(s). We help you rise out of those wells!

The very best applications of CB are focused & specific: you want to develop a new website or product, you want to create a customer-centered strategic plan, you want to uncover and exploit a new market, etc. The focus on a specific pursuit brings clarity to what we want to draw out of all 3 dimensions. For example, if the task is to develop or enhance a website, we can involve customers to describe what would be most desirable to them in your new site. We can analyze competitor websites to identify their best-of features. And we can leverage what we learn from both with your internal staff to drive some unique innovations all your own. Involving the various stakeholders in CB is THE BEST way to evolve your business in impressive, "WOW!" ways. You don't have to waste a lot of money & time on gut guesses & hopes; instead, CB reveals exactly what they want and exactly how they want it.

One of the most valuable outputs of the CB approach is an OBJECTIVE summary of key observations. Unlike ideas or observations sourced to guts or intuition, these concepts are all in play at competitors more like you than not, in your industry and in your space. Because those competitors own some share of your target markets, embracing some of these ideas may be key to helping you take more of that share from them. By determining which of these tactics contribute something to their success (at your expense) and then adding those tactics to your own offerings, you can nullify their advantages and thus bite into a share of the market that flows to them. This is one of the most lucrative rewards of good CB execution because it directly translates to greater revenues & profits. We can help you grab that reward.

Don't Miss 'Next Big Thing' Opportunities • Use Objective Research to Discover Them Early

Many companies don’t maintain a consistent focus on customer & competitive analysis. Often, they tend to discover their competitor’s next big thing long after it is has already proven successful for that competitor, which usually means pain for their own revenues as that competitor eats up a good share of the market. Usually these dynamic thrusts of "market research" surface as a reactive explanation in answer to questions about why the competitor seems to be getting business that was typically their own. Discovering the new tactic months or years after the competition has implemented it is the most painful way to conduct competitive analysis. It's not just missing the train; it's missing up to the entire trip. You want to catch their breakthroughs EARLY... while there is time to make them your own and ride that same revenue-building wave. A smart company employs proactive market research to stay ahead of the pack. CB is an excellent form of best-in-class, proactive research.

CB will definitely help your company get much closer to your customers in a variety of ways. This is one of the biggest keys to uncovering all kinds of growth innovations and unlocking greater brilliance within your own people. For example, by better understanding your customer profile(s), your marketing talent can do a more cost-efficient job of promoting new prospects with matching criteria. This is the best way to grow revenues without gambling on guesses. Similarly, profiles can rank customer segments by profitability revealing ideal segments that are most profitable (you should treat those groups exceptionally well). We can help you objectively identify crucial demographic, geographic, psychographic and purchase behavioral variables that you can exploit to grow important metrics like revenue-per-customer, volume of new customer acquisition, relative quality of prospect sources, etc.

Profit From New Markets with Collective Brilliance Marketing Research

Reach beyond your borders to sell your products or services to a world of ready buyers

In search of new markets? Buckshot advertising approaches are expensive and ineffective unless you happen to occasionally luck out. Use CB customer analysis to identify deeper specifics about those already proven to be interested enough in your offerings to actually buy them. Mining information below the generics (the basic information like common demographics) can reveal niche opportunities you can leverage with cost-efficient marketing specifically targeted at that kind of prospect. Sometimes the discoveries reveal market segments that are intuitive mismatches; in other words, you'd never guess your way into these pockets of opportunities because it doesn't look like a logical prospect pool. You can't sell to them as a group if you don't even know they are there. Let us help you apply CB and this kind of intelligence can give you prospecting advantages over your competitors so you can fish for hungry buyers in ponds they haven't even considered.

The beauty is that CB doesn't require you to take a massive leap of faith on a revolutionary new approach, tactic, product, concept, etc. Instead, the hard science is there to directly support each breakthrough. We connect the dots between the art and the science so that you can confidently run with each recommendation. And because our process is so refined & polished, it always yields valuable observations with actionable recommendations... the very best opportunities through which money can be quickly made, customer loyalty can be enhanced and new sources of customers can decide your propositions are the very best match for their wants or needs.

There's no need to rely on a purely creative, subjective or a purely scientific model anymore; instead, get the best of all worlds with Collective Brilliance. If you're ready to GROW your business in a BIG way, contact our team and we will help you get there... quickly! CB shines a bright light on your company's next big thing(s). Isn't it time to flip that switch?

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