How much are your e-commerce efforts contributing to your overall success? Are you getting the results you desire from your website(s) and Emarketing thrusts? Is your website state-of-the-art or showing its age? The Big Innovations team can help you get more profit out of the web growing both revenues and margins.

Emarketing is one of the most efficient ways to grow your business

Utilizing our powerful collective brilliance research model, we've designed award-winning websites lauded by national critics, international news sources and, most importantly, their users. We've delighted customers by building intuitive interfaces and efficient tools to help them get more out of their relationship with our client companies. We've pioneered an ability to apply the holy grail of marketing segmentation- one-to-one marketing- by building websites with an effective blend of sales, marketing and technological brilliance. If your company does not have an efficient way to market one-to-one we can show you how to do so.

Personalized, One-to-One Marketing is Within Your Company's Reach

What is one-to-one marketing? It's how a salesperson sells your products or services. A professional salesperson doesn't use a rigid canned script pitching each prospect exactly the same way every time. Instead, a great salesperson tailors their presentation to each prospect dynamically adapting it to meet the wants & needs of each buyer. If the buyer has an objection the salesperson will address it right there not just plow on through a script like copywriting on a web (pitch) page.

We consider the copy-heavy marketing approaches so common on the web a form of one-to-many advertising. They are much more like a print ad than how a salesperson would sell your offerings. The copy is linear- not dynamic- and leaning on it to make the sale means you are treating each prospect identically while ignoring their individual wants & needs. If your prospect has a sales objection how does your website or your email promotion overcome it? It doesn't. It just carries on with a predetermined messaging flow. When you visit a good retailer, are they staffed by live salespeople or a mannequin playing a recorded pitch? There's a for-profit reason they spend money on those live salespeople.

One-to-one marketing approaches present a smarter Emarketing sales proposition. They leverage ways to use your customer facing technologies to gain crucial insights about each prospect- even before you know who they are. Then you use these insights to tailor messaging- including non-linear marketing- to each prospect. For example, it's very easy to acquire basic demographic information about your customers. You may already have some of this. If you sell a product or service targeted to a certain sex, or certain age, marital status, economic position, etc, it makes little sense to blast a promotion to people who are not going to buy an irrelevant product. For example, if you wanted to pitch a product suitable for only married couples over the age of 55, it makes no sense at all to send it to single people or married couples under the age of 55. Yet it happens every day in one-to-many models.

Our one-to-one solutions go even deeper than this. For example, by organizing your website in a simple, alternative way, tracking solutions can be utilized to gain insights into where their interests are more heavily focused. For example, a retailer might sell products to demographically diverse customers. However, if a shopper spends much of their time in a certain section of the site, you (can) know that those particular products are especially interesting to that shopper. When you want to promote those types of products, a list of these specific shoppers would likely outperform a blast to your entire database. Similarly, you can cater the messaging to those segments in superior ways because you have leveraged one-to-one technology underpinnings to better understand their specific interests in a subset of your offerings.

On the email marketing side, you can use one-to-one approaches to make email promotions better connect with your recipients. Many email promotions are one-to-many designs meaning the exact same email message & imagery is blasted out to an entire database. Suppose that you have some photos in an email in support of what is being pitched. For example, life insurance companies often show family photos in their marketing hoping to spur prospects into thinking about the beneficiaries of their product. If you were one-to-one selling with this kind of email, you could dynamically slug in photographs that match race to your recipients race. You could pull from a range of such photos to also match approx. age to a representative photo. Thus, a prospect who is age 35, caucasian and married with more than 1 child will see a photo of a caucasian family with more than 1 child that would probably be the family of someone around the(ir) age of 35. Another recipient of the very same promotion might be age 45, asian, married with just 1 child; their promotion would show an asian family image of a spouse and single child. Each prospect would be viewing an ad more relevant to their own situation.

While these are extraordinarily simple examples of one-to-one concepts, the key concept is attempting to replicate how a live salesperson would promote the offering in person. For example, in the latter examples, the sales professional would directly connect with the prospect, referencing their own family as the beneficiary of the potential insurance purchase. They wouldn't be pitching some other family as beneficiary. Similarly, your email marketing can cater the messaging and imagery to better resonate with each recipient as individuals. Do this well and it will motivate more (revenue) conversions. Our one-to-one solutions can help you do it well.

Reach Global Markets Beyond Your Traditional Pools

Global markets are international buyers wanting to buy your products or services

If your company has not yet maximized its e-commerce channel, there is a whole world of opportunity to pursue... literally. If you currently target about 450 million english-speaking natives on a planet with about 7 billion people you are currently limiting your marketing reach to about 6.4% of the whole. What would upping that tiny slice to 12% or 20%+ mean to your revenues? We could help you do that.

Do you have opportunities beyond your own borders? It's very likely. Go to your web team and ask them to give you a list of sales made outside your home country. Often this simple exercise does 2 things: 1) you'll probably be surprised how many international buyers you've had when you haven't made any real effort to sell them, and 2) if you take notice of the concentrations of international buyers you might already have some key insights into where you might give initial focus on international markets. For example, if you see that a country like Brazil or Russia or India is showing some standout interest in your offerings, there's approx 191M more Brazilians, 143M more Russians or 1.22B more Indians where those buyers came from. Consider developing some marketing that caters to such markets and you'll probably do very well by not requiring your international buyers overcome the language barriers, shipping issues, etc. BI can help you with this.

Strategic & Tactical Internet Business Growth Solutions

Other BI Emarketing approaches can also yield big growth. We were among the first to make online seminars profitable. We were pioneers in building up large (valuable) databases of opt-in e-zine subscribers and then using inexpensive communication channels to grow loyalty while selling products and services. We've developed many innovative web hooks to drive traffic into websites, motivate them to register or buy now and keep them coming back again and again. SEO. PPC. Lucrative subscription models. New lead streams. Mobile. Narrated, interactive, multimedia sales presentations. Viral marketing. And much more!

In short, the Internet offers your company options well beyond what can be accomplished through any other medium. Limiting your use of this powerful tool to "same old, same old" (mostly) print advertising approaches is applying 19th-century solutions to 21st-century opportunities. Our Internet marketing consultants can objectively gauge where you are today and help you evolve this part of your marketing mix in lucrative new ways.

Invite the Big Innovations team to show you how we can grow this part of your business. Our proven successes can be applied to virtually any industry and even a modest gain in market share on a planetary scale can yield substantial gains for your business. We look forward to showing you superior solutions for getting more out of this lucrative channel.

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