All of our key sales professionals have at least 20 or more years in ultra-competitive selling environments, making and/or driving cumulative sales well into the BILLIONS of dollars. We've:

  • sold the tangible and the intangible... products and services,
  • taken on the nearly impossible or improbable (to sell) and innovated the best way(s) to make them smashing successes,
  • functioned as "best of the best" sales professionals AND maximized sales team productivity in sales management/director/VP roles at small, medium & large companies, and
  • driven sales of one-off transactions as well as recurring revenues (subscriptions & memberships).

Engage Big Innovations talent for sales consulting solutions that blow out your revenue targetsOnline or off, B2C or B2B, in-person, telesales or virtual: we've done it all... and done it well. Odds are high that you've probably encountered at least a few super-salespeople... those who radiate that glowing aura of the selling arts of persuasion, promotion, value-building, objection-handling, always-closing, masters of the deal. Such people are often accompanied by the phrase...

"This guy can sell anything!"

BI talent is not just good or great sales performers... we're the best... always ranking excessively high in results regardless of product or service, proposition, competition or environment. We're not just good or great sales team managers: we leverage our deep & diverse experience to build teams of super-performers, significantly growing key metrics like revenue-per-sales-agent and profit-per-agent. We can get more out of selling talent you may already have, help you build or grow a team of superior talent, or drive this crucial function as an outsource solution: whatever works best for your business. Don't know which is best for your company? Let us step in, assess and give you an objective answer to that question. It won't take long and the right answer can make a profound difference as soon as THIS year!

Our confidence is unparalleled: any client could bring us almost ANY product or service they want to sell and we can find the best way to make its numbers soar. Bring us the challenges of "We're having trouble selling this" or "We think this should be selling much better than it is" and our big sales brains will figure it out. External consultants can see a product or service proposition very differently than internal staff. It's often brand new ideas that yields selling breakthroughs.

Seven Quick & High Impact Ways To Grow Your Business This Year

A typical BI engagement can be broad or specific: "Help us take this new offering to market" or "Sales are down YOY and we've tried everything we know." Often an initial engagement is focused in on something narrow, with short-term results potential and good long-term upside. Here's 7 popular & high impact ways to plug in some of our talent and see what we can do for your business...

  1. Telesales Model Masters Bring a Very High Quality of Live (America-based) Service & Sales, delivering the dual benefits of cost savings AND revenue growth. We can assign almost any number of highly-skilled, thoroughly-trained professionals to the tasks of delighting your customers, converting prospects & leads to paying customers and upselling existing customers to maximize each transaction and/or grow average annual revenue-per-subscriber. Adding quality telesales to good marketing typically results in a 3X to 6X or more lift in campaign revenue results. Turn a $50K typical result into $150K-$300K or more. Turn a typical $250K result into $500K-$700K or more. Over $1.3 Billion in telesales-driven results can’t be wrong. Let us bring that potent lift to your business. Learn More.
  2. Source & Install the Latest Call Center Technology that best fits your business, then train your staff to make the most of it. Such technologies include auto-dialers, e-chat, e-care, voice recognition, email management, automatic call distribution and much more, aiming to significantly grow the key metric: average monthly revenue-per-agent. If a few technology upgrades can add $25K-$100K or more in revenue for each of your existing agents, how much more does your business make over 12 months? 24 months? And beyond? We are expert on the latest & greatest technologies offering turnkey, soup-to-nuts service from start to maximizing call center agent productivity.
  3. Our Sales Management consultants can train your sales or customer service teams to signficantly improve their results and conversionsWorld-class Sales Training and Customer Service: is your customer service (CS) team a cost center or a money-maker? If the former, let us help you transition them to a new profit center. If a few of your telephone agents outsell everyone else by a wide margin, there is great opportunity in getting everyone else to be more productive. Add just $10K in additional sales to a CS team of 10 increases the team's monthly revenue by $100K, or $1.2 MILLION per year. Add $25K/month each and that's $250K/month in additional revenues, or $2.5 MILLION per year. We’ve turned CS agents into $500K-$1M or more annual performers. 10 at $750K = a new $7.5 MILLION per year. 20 is a new $15 MILLION. 50 is a new $37.5 MILLION. We can scale that as much as applicable for your business.
  4. Make Trade Shows and Other Live Events Profitable AT THE SHOW! We've been charged with driving the at-show sales for countless companies since way back in 1994. We've refined ALL of THE ways to accomplish the primary objective of most such events- maximize relevant lead capture- WHILE also driving enough sales AT the show to fully cover the event costs and then some. If your live events tend to be money-eaters instead of money-makers at the show, let us take our best cracks at flipping that around. Coming home from a event where you are already in-the-money feels entirely different than trying to subsequently climb out of the red. We know how to do this. We've done it countless times before.
  5. Customized Retention Plans: How big are the holes in your bucket? Are you letting too many paying subscribers leak out of the bottom of that bucket? Since 1993, we’ve helped many companies significantly plug such holes with custom-designed retention plans. It IS cheaper to keep a customer than to add a new one. Let our cutting-edge approaches reduce those outflows so you get more out of each new or renewal effort. Less leak grows your bucket far faster than trying to pour in new ones faster than old ones are lost. We can significantly help you with that problem.
  6. Recover Former Customers or Expired and Inactive Subscribers: Let us help you bring ‘em back. What was once a paying customer can be brought back if you apply the right tactics… and we know them well. Former customers, expireds & inactives already know you... and were already sold enough on you to give you money before. A good segment of them are likely to come back if you apply the right mix of marketing & sales tactics. We know the ones that work best because we’ve worked with just about everybody, learning first-hand what yields the most conversions for any given situation. A virtual salesperson never tires, never gives less than their very best, most polished sales presentation. Let us build virtual salespeople to help your business sell moreDone properly, this can be easy money. Use us to draw back those that have already leaked out of your bucket.
  7. Virtual Salespeople: Imagine a most polished salesperson delivering an enthusiastic, perfected pitch of your offerings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No sick days. No off days. No vacations. No motivational issues. Just on-demand sales wow aiming to harvest impressive new revenues from your many website & email marketing prospects. A virtual salesperson can showcase your products or services with dazzling imagery, visual effects, animation and more. They can also tickle your prospects ears with the excitement & inflection of spoken words... far exceeding what even the best copy plus static imagery can accomplish on its own. Once installed, they keep selling for your company year after year for FREE.

Contact us right now to learn more about these and other solutions that can add quick, meaningful revenue growth to your business. Any one of these solutions can increase your revenues in the short term.

Are You Ready To Grow Now? What Are You Waiting For?

It is as fundamental as it gets: all business starts with a sale. It's the foundation of the company. Sales revenue creates the fuel for everything else your business does... and wants to do. It buys what you need to buy. It pays the staff what they need to be paid. It funds new initiatives, new marketing, etc. When it's flowing, the sky is the limit.

Are you getting as much out of your sales efforts as you desire?
Do you feel there is MORE there... just waiting to be realized?
Why wait any longer?

Objective, deeply-experienced, outside brains will see your opportunities differently, recognizing new ways to grow... or correct... or enhance... or fix. We bring fresh enthusiasm to selling your products and/or services- high energy that can transfer to your existing staff and reinvigorate your overall sales machine.

Bring in high-performance talent for a while and your existing sales personnel should gain strength, focus, momentum and more. We can train (or retrain) them with tactics they have not quite mastered. We can help them see your offerings in new ways and/or work with your prospects & leads with fresh approaches to drive greater conversions. Are sales objections derailing too many transactions on the cusp of closing? We can review your objection-handling process and offer new and/or better ways of overcoming them. Are there more opportunities with existing customers? Probably. So let's get 'em!

If you don't have dedicated sales talent, why not? Trying to grow on marketing alone leaves substantial money on the table. No quality of marketing- no matter how great or how previously accomplished- can ever match the conversions of the same marketing supported by some capable selling professionals. If you lack such a team or maybe barely have such personnel in place now, we can be a HUGE help in growing your numbers.

Do you lack quality leads to feed your sales machine? Our marketing talent is just as seasoned and proven, bringing those same kinds of fresh ideas, fresh campaigns and new enthusiasm to your marketing challenges too. If you suspect you may need an infusion of fresh sales & marketing punch, we can deliver knockout punches from sourcing brand new prospects, mirgrating them into quality leads, then harvesting all the untapped revenues therein.

Is the product or service you are trying to sell a bit long in tooth? Do you worry that it may no longer be meeting its market with maximum appeal? Our long-proven market research approach is well refined, delivering 'big innovations' by tapping into the "best of" elements learned from rich competitive analysis, proxy competitor analysis, lead & customer research plus internal innovations. The same approach can yield smarter, more effective marketing campaigns and superior sales conversions.

We offer a free consultation with some of our very best sales master talent to identify great ways to increase your results ASAP. Just click the link below, fill out the form and one of our most accomplished Business Sales Consultants will contact you within one (1) business day.

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