It's time to turn things around. When companies face business downturns they usually run defensive plays: cut costs to the bone, layoffs, reduce all controllable expenses, etc. Because emotions and worry always bias internal judgment, company leaders almost certainly need to call in outside turnaround professionals to help them objectively determine the optimal actions. Our team of specialists can help you quickly resolve your downturn.

Negative business trends cannot be resolved on cost-cutting alone. BI can bring objective minds to that task and cutting-edge recommendations to grow your top line too!Defensive moves can make short-term sense because they are actions that yield quick impact. They can be undertaken immediately and many of the consequences are completely within company control. However, such actions always lead to the same destination. There comes a point when positive gains from cutting are maxed out- when more cutting can't contribute much more to alleviating the pressure on the bottom line. It quickly becomes obvious that the company must switch focus back to raising their top line.

In the ideal scenario there is no switching back because the very best way to tackle a business downturn is to do both simultaneously: cut costs while raising the top line (margin expansion). Repairing top line contributions early means that the cost-cutting doesn't have to hack so deeply it actually creates new problems in the medium term. You can then be much more strategic in how you go about the cuts while retaining the resources & people needed to help you pick up the pace after your recovery starts getting its legs.

The reknowned management consultant Peter Drucker said: "The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic." In difficult times, it is absolutely crucial to lend unbiased mind & efforts to both ends of the equation because businesses rarely come out of a downturn on cost-cutting alone. BI can help you do both- quickly... by bringing objective expertise and fresh growth solutions. Big Innovations describes our bundle of core competencies in marketing & Emarketing, sales, development (website, business, product) and strategic planning & execution as business growth consulting & implementation. We are action-oriented consultants that help businesses grow by innovating cutting-edge recommendations and then implementing them to generate profitable results. Our skills are best utilized in helping companies:

Top Line Business Growth Solutions Must Overtake Cost-Cutting Tactics

No business can sustain itself for long by only focusing on the cost side. Success is measured in profits and profits are best harvested by growing top-line revenues. Spend too much time & energy NOT working on the top line and only more pain will follow. Worse, a company too focused on defense can paralyze its own internal staff. Employees become so afraid of making the next layoff list that they resist pushing any new growth thrusts... right at the time when the company is in greatest need of fresh tactical solutions. More simply, when a company most needs a good offense its team is unfortunately pressured to blend in... to hide in plain sight. It is a classic conundrum typically resolved in only one way.Our rapid turnaround service can correct negative trends quickly!

What should you do if you suspect this at your company? Call in outside talent to work with your people. Experienced outside consultants can crack the ice. Big Innovations talent will bring objective minds to the challenges you face. We'll share proven tactics that are fueling growth for companies right now. We can show you how to cost-efficiently test your way into the next big thing, minimizing your risk while firing up the top-line solutions you need. Our solutions heavily focus on scalable tests meaning you spend very little to gauge the potential of a new tactic, then roll out on a much larger scale when you have the statistical evidence that it yields profitable ROIs. Such collaborative approaches will make any team- and team leader- celebrate.

Broader downturns are an excellent opportunity to go on the offensive. While many competitors have their heads in the sand you can use BI help to take market share from them, even eliminate key competitors by buying them. One of the best times to run up the score is when your competitors are overly focused on playing defense. Your business is probably already nearing the limits of meaningful support it can get out of cost-cutting actions. Now is the time to attack the top-line challenge.

Invite the Big Innovations team to bring fresh minds to your top-line issues. Use Big Innovations horses to execute growth-oriented tactics to turn a negative trend around. We deliver fast results through intelligent, low-risk methods and well-proven solutions. Increasing the top line is always THE ultimate answer. Engage our business growth contractors to make it happen. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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