How to Get 3 to 6+ Times More Sales Conversions

Many companies think marketing and sales are the same but we've never seen a one-to-many, linear messaging promotion created by even the most renowned marketing talent on the planet be able to match the performance of using the very same messaging in the one-to-one, nonlinear dynamics of a good telesales professional. Telemarketing mobilizes the power of an in-person sales force without the traditional, (often) heavy costs of actually making in-person calls on customers. It is a multi-billion dollar industry because it delivers profitable returns. Even if YOU personally never buy anything from a telemarketer, you don't get their calls because they always fail to get anyone to buy. To the contrary, they get more than enough prospects to buy... thoroughly justifying the cost of their efforts and then some. And that "then some" is often huge revenues & profits for their clients or employers.

Telemarketing Is a Powerful, Proven Way to Rapidly Grow Sales

Show & tell works better than ever when trying to sell your products or services

We've helped many companies that previously relied on marketing alone to realize a 3X-6X+ increase in revenues by installing & utilizing effective telesales solutions. In other words, instead of selling 300 new customers with a good marketing campaign, telesales supporting that same effort can yield 900-1800+ new customers. What would tripling your sales for only the relatively small cost of an inside or outsourced telesales unit mean to even this year's revenue objectives? The ROI power of sales professional ingenuity, adaptability, intimacy, enthusiasm, etc, as well as the one-on-one nature of a sales pitch is a very lucrative way to grow your revenues in a big way.

Can it actually work for your company? Odds are high that it can. It's easy to test your way into a telesales model and we've tested the 3X-6X+ impact improvement many times before, pitting some of the finest marketing & advertising campaigns against using the same messaging plus timely follow up by professional telemarketers. The lift is consistent time after time. If you wanted to prove it for yourself, the test is simple:

  1. Secure a list of relevant prospects,
  2. Randomly split the list into 2 equal segments,
  3. Segment "A" gets the marketing creative alone while segment "B" gets the marketing creative followed by a quality, telesales effort.
  4. Execute the test and objectively measure the results. They will very likely wow you.

When a good telesales team is properly prepared, trained, etc (all well within BI core competencies), we've never seen the "B" test cell fail to thrash the "A" cell in any company. The key to maximization is adding the telesales solution in the RIGHT way, equipping the telesales professional(s) for success (certain key training, tools, collateral, etc.). The above test won't do as well if you bias the test such as engaging a cheap temp to be representative of the "B" cell and putting them in a "sink or swim" situation (though even a poor implementation like that can still outperform the "A" cell in some situations).

Why Telemarketing Solutions Work So Well

Consider a few examples:

  • Forms of marketing creative that are trying to close a sale almost always use a linear message. The creator of the messaging makes best guesses at what buyers need to see and when they need to see it in hopes of winning as many orders as possible. Consider a simple example in a retail scenario: a prospective buyer walks into a jewelry store looks through some of the cases and stops, focusing their attention on emerald rings. A salesperson-free (marketing-only) retailer could only show the prospect a marketing promotion pitching whatever their creative team pre-determined might sell well to prospects this month. Such a promotion might happen to include some emerald rings... or it might not; it all depends on what a creative team pre-determined as important to include in this particular promotion. Odds are high they would completely miss addressing this prospect's interests.

    On the other hand, a good salesperson adapts their pitch dynamically based upon interactions with the potential buyer. The salesperson would notice this prospect's specific interest and adapt their sales approach accordingly. He or she is almost certainly just as capable at pitching everything else offered in the marketing promotion too. But the salesperson can do something the linear, preplanned marketing message can't: cater their pitch to the specific (prospect) opportunity. When the next prospect walks into the store, they may demonstrate focused interest on a strand of pearls... or a high school class ring... or a Rolex watch. The marketing-only retailer has virtually no chance of being very relevant to such specific and varied needs of each prospect. But that professional salesperson fluidly switches from emerald ring expert to an expert on pearls, or high school class rings, Rolex watches and so on.

    The point is that the best salespeople rarely rely on a canned, linear pitch with every customer because every buyer is unique. The world's greatest copywriters can't compete with that dynamic. Depending on a marketing-only model limits your maximum revenue & profit potential for the very same reason. Similarly...
  • Marketing can't cover buyer objections as they come up. If the prospect hatches an objection to your pitch, the marketing can't magically pick up on it and immediately address the objection. Would-be buyers can be lost before they even get into the meatiest part of your marketing message. A live salesperson will hear the objection as it comes up, clarify it as the real objection, dynamically overcome it and continue the selling process. The latter furthers progress toward the close while the former often loses them before you even had a chance to really show them what you had to offer.
  • Buyers almost always have at least some questions about a product or service before they buy it. A marketing-centric sales model may not even have a good way to address such questions- especially unique questions- in a timely manner. We've worked with many companies that direct prospect questions to email, website forms or have calls going into service (or even non-service) people who are often not well trained in converting such inquiries into dollars. A sales-supported model revels in buyer questions because this fundamental buyer-seller interaction helps accelerate the process toward the close. Plus, good salespeople won't let a hot opportunity wait hours, days or weeks until someone responds to an email; salespeople are always hungry to close business now giving customers what they want- answers to their individual questions- while the prospect is still interested in your product or service.
  • Etc. (the complete list is considerably longer)
Show & tell works better than ever when trying to sell your products or services

For these reasons and many others, the 3X-6X+ increases are realized at many companies across many industries... once they embrace the full power of telemarketing.

Testing the Telesales Team Impact in Your Own Business

Testing telesales need not be expensive nor time consuming. It is a classic solution capable of scaling up quickly once it proves itself on a micro-level. There's lots of ways to make it happen. For example, we're good at evolving customer service teams into highly productive sales teams. How would you like to convert a cost center into a profit center? We've turned "I don't know how to sell" service people into million dollar producers... more than once (in fact, many more times).

We've also developed and installed telesales units from scratch and worked with established telemarketing teams to help them become much more productive. One of the key focus metrics is revenue-per-salesperson and we have deep expertise at rapidly growing that metric, using an abundance of well-proven solutions.

A quality outsourced vendor can be another good way to go. We work with a number of capable call center companies. The good ones can create an effective illusion that they are a wholly dedicated department of your company answering calls with your company name, calling on behalf of your company, providing wow service that will impress your customers and so on. They are so adept at this that it can be a seamless experience for your customers leaving them unable to determine if they are talking to an employee of your company or a contracted agent.

Our outsourced vendors facilitate a way to test into the positive impacts of a telesales team without the bigger commitments to building out your own unit (infrastructure, staffing, space, technology, benefits, etc). We can recommend the right vendor, oversee fluid integration, measure the results and then you can decide on your schedule if you want to continue with them or build an in-house call center.

Either way, BI offers end-to-end, turnkey solutions ready to help you with each and every aspect of doing this right. Just some of the tasks to be done well include: recommending the best solution for you, negotiating the best deal, training the team for the task, equipping them with various tools to maximize their productive upside, coordination between marketing & sales to maximize the collaboration, metrics development to track results, coverage of various legal aspects, reward program to motivate super-performance, management of the program, service responsibility, etc. Yes, there's a lot involved in doing it all right (and this is only a partial list) but doing it right is how you get the 3X-6X+ gains.

Contact BI for a free consultation. This low-cost, ultra-lucrative solution is well proven, easy to test small then scale up quickly and capable of delivering revenue growth well beyond your highest expectations- especially if you are trying to maximize revenues without much/any telesales support now. You'll be surprised how much of an improvement the power of one-to-one selling can yield. We would love to show you.

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