Cement Relationships & Win New Clients by Selling BI Services Under Your Brand

How White Labeled Marketing Services Make Money For Your Company

The term "white label" was originally associated with manufactured products intended to be re-branded by a reseller. For example, an electronics manufacturer might build a television and then some other company would put their own brand mark or logo on it as if they had built it themselves. Products like Apple iPads, iPods, iPhone and Mac computers are not entirely made by Apple employees in Apple-owned factories. Instead, subcontracted companies completely build those products for Apple and brand them with Apple's logo implying to retail buyers that they were actually made by Apple.

White labeling is an extraordinarily common practice- a way to expand the perceived breadth of a company without that company having to actually retain all of the cost, infrastructure, etc. And it's not just an electronics industry practice. For example, you've probably observed white labeling in many retail settings. When you visit your grocery store you may notice many food items branded with their logo. They probably didn't actually make that soup, those soft drinks or those snack chips, etc. Instead, some of the name brand products sold right next to these white labeled offerings may have packaged those products for your grocer.

White Label Marketing Services: Pitch our business growth & marketing services to prospects & clients in need. We discreetly fulfill them under your brand. You take the credit for a job well done.If you currently work with any contracted services at your company, they may be serving you with some white labeled services. If that service provider subcontracts any of their services out to others but then presents those services as if they fulfilled them themselves that subcontractor(s) is your contractor's white label service provider. In other words, the subcontractor is providing services for your company without requiring that you be specifically aware of their involvement (very much like you may not be aware that Foxconn International Holdings Ltd is the company that actually built your iPhone, iPad or iPod). Your contractor is billing for their services as part of the overall bundle of services they provide for your company. Much like the grocery store example, the implication is that your contractor is doing ALL of it themselves when in fact, they are simply taking credit for a subcontractor's work on some services.

Is there anything wrong with this arrangement? Not at all. The subcontractor is certainly happy to have the business (Foxconn doesn't refuse all that revenue from Apple because Apple wants them to exclusively put the Apple brand on their deliverables). The contractor is happy to have a skilled subcontractor to cover that particular service (Apple doesn't want to endure the cost and infrastructure to build iDevices themselves). You get the benefits of a job well done (the equivalent of an Apple iDevice buyer happy with the end result). White labeling is win:win:win.

In our own business we work this same way. A client engages BI to do a number of projects and/or services. Our core team will typically tap into our capable network of specialized subcontracting talent to cover specific pieces of the project. If our client would like to work directly with the subcontractors we'll connect them and they can manage the individual relationships. Most of the time the client just wants the job done well with low-to-no contractor maintenance on their busy plates. If so, BI manages the various subcontractors and delivers the projects and/or services as a bundle under the BI brand. Again win:win:win.

BI can also be on the other end of the white label relationship for businesses including- potentially- your own. For example, much like Apple's relationship with Foxconn, some clients want our deliverables to look like they were created entirely in house... in their house. In other cases a BI competitor may have some overflow/overload work and need extra expertise to get their job done on time. In either situation, BI can be white labeled for those entities fulfilling their wants in our usual best-in-class way without actually taking any (visible) credit for the work.

Pitch BI Services to Clients in Need • We Discreetly Fulfill Those Services • You Take the Credit

If your business is also a B2B entity, you could sell our services to your clients and have us fulfill them as if we are in your employ. This could be a great way to expand your billings with existing clients and/or win brand new clients. Let's illustrate the concept with an example...

An accounting business would be especially well suited for white labeling BI services. The accountant would have intimate knowledge of their client's business trends and growth objectives. When that client is seeking something that BI could fulfill, the accountant could let them go find someone else to cover that need OR they could offer to render that service themselves... under their own brand (casting a while label illusion that their business is more than just an accounting firm).

If the accountant ignores the opportunity their client will seek out some source to fulfill those needs. This carries risk should that source turn out to also offer the accountant's services because they may subsequently take that business away from the accountant.

If the accountant wanted to use BI's white label service, he or she would brief us on the situation and facilitate an introduction. BI representatives would then work out the scope of the clients needs, draft the proposal, attempt to close the deal and then execute the project or service- all under the accountant's business entity umbrella. A good share of the revenue for the engagement would be retained by the accountant even though they may effectively be up to entirely done with the project before the service fulfillment portion actually begins.

The end result should be a happy client that thinks of the accountant's business when they have other needs within the diverse realm of what BI can provide. The client wins by getting what they want done at a very high level of quality. The accountant's business wins in the revenue made on the project or service BI fulfills AND in further cementing their relationship with this client, PLUS the potential for more white label projects (and easy added revenues) in the future. BI wins by being paid to do what we do. Win:win:win.

So What Does it Take to White Label BI Business & Marketing Services?

Your part would be getting familiar with the scope of services that BI can fulfill, then diligently watching for client needs for our kinds of services. The easiest way to do this is to browse around this website and interact with BI as needed to get any questions answered. You might also want to review our narrated Adobe Flash presentation.

Your client might present their wants or needs positively (such as wanting to augment good things they're already doing) or negatively (such as classic business gripes about sales not going as well as hoped or their marketing ROIs moving in the wrong direction, etc). Either way, when you recognize a need that BI can fulfill you ask some questions to try to get a better feel for that need. This attempt to frame the want or need as good as you can will help you better prepare us to work with them on your behalf). Some key discovery objectives are:

  • level of genuine interest in doing something (basically: are they serious?),
  • are they open to outsourcing the project or service?
  • budget (are they willing to spend money to realize the objective and, if so, what is the approx. budget size?),
  • timeline (any targeted dates for making it happen?),
  • develop the best possible description of exactly what they seek,
  • etc.

BI services are always best-in-class so white labeling our services under your brand should associate the BI "wow" to your clients view of YOUR company. We can make your company appear to be deeper and more resourceful than how it may appear now. This can make your client perceive greater value in your business relationship. It may also protect an existing business relationship by fulfilling our kinds of services under your brand rather than allowing some other firm to fill those needs then potentially luring your client away from you because they also offer your services. Contact us if you would like to further discuss white labeling solutions to help your business- and your client's business(es)- grow.

You might also want to review our lucrative referral program as another way to make relatively easy money by introducing BI services. It is also great way to profit by offering BI services to your client without the white labeling aspect.

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